San Diego State University’s First Annual Trans* Week of Empowerment (April 7th – April 11th)

Trans Empowerment Week (1)


Hello Aztecs!

Come join us for San Diego State University’s FIRST ANNUAL Trans* Week of Empowerment, a collaborative series of events geared toward celebrating and learning about the transgender community. The Pride Center will be hosting the following events during the week of April 7th – April 11th


  • Monday, April 7th: Transgender Flag Raising Ceremony, where in addition several SDSU Community members will speak about the importance of Trans* visibility on our campus, their Trans* experiences as well as Kick Off Ceremony! This event will take place at the Hepner Hall Flag Pole from 12pm to 1pm


  • Tuesday April 8th:  Safe Zones at SDSU will be hosting a Trans* Panel Discussion Forum featuring a variety of topics from Intersectionalities, Diversity in Transitioning, to Trans* Enough, among others. Come participate in the discussion and get your questions answered!  Safe Zones TRANS* Panel Discussion. This event will take place at Scripps Cottage from 5pm to 7pm


  • Wednesday, April 9th: The Queer Student Union is hosting a film screening of the recently released Trans the Documentary. Bring your friends and come check it out! QSU hosts Trans Film Documentary Film Showing and Discussion Panel. This event will take place at the Aztec Student Union Theater from 6pm – 9pm.


  • Thursday, April 10th:WOA will be hosting their historic Take Back The Night event. Come share, participate and help us make it a wonderful night! WOA’s Take Back The Night! at the Aztec Student Union Courtyard from 4pm to 8pm.


  • Friday, April 11th:
  1. Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL) is hosting an LGBTQIAA Awareness Forum with a focus on Trans* and the Day of Silence. This will take place at Hepner Hall 221 starting at 4pm
  2. QPOCC hosts The Trans*-centric Day of Silence tabling event. This event will help disseminate information to raise awareness about the Day of Silence and it’s relationship to Trans* People of Color.  The event will take place at the North Grand Hall Entrance in the Aztec Student Union Courtyard from 10am -3 pm


  • DAILY: What is Trans*?  Do you have any Trans* related questions???? Come join us for Trans* 101 workshop hosted daily (the entire week) at The Pride Center at SDSU.  The events will take place at The Pride Center at SDSU on Monday and Tuesday: 1:00-2:00pm/Wednesday-Friday: 12:00pm -1:00pm.




Included below is a Facebook profile picture icon. Please join us in solidarity and to honor our transgender communities and to help spread awareness of our week-long event on campus by changing your profile icon for the duration of the week!


Week of Empowerment FB Profile Pic


Information provided by SDSU’s The Pride Center.

Want to stay in the loop with upcoming events? Download AzteCast for your smartphone!


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