SDSU Highlight: Price Community Scholars Program


Price Community Scholars


The Price Community Scholars program emerged from the idea of having SDSU student leaders from the local City Heights area give back to their community through tutoring. Each student takes part in a 4 year contract where they are each assigned 3 mentees whom they will tutor on their homework, SAT vocabulary, and other supplementary subjects. In return, the students are rewarded with up to $7,500 towards tuition/housing per year. The tutors also take part in several community service projects such as Watershed Avengers, a canyon clean-up project. The program has been such a success that Robert Price has decided to extend it and has invited a new 15-member cohort for the upcoming year. The price community scholar program looks forward to meeting the new cohorts and continuing with the program’s success.


Blog written by Victoria Hernandez, Student Life and Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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