Study Tips for a Successful Finals Week



What’s up Aztecs! With finals quickly approaching, here are some helpful study tips:

  1. Organize your materials: Getting organized it the first step when getting ready for finals. Before learning the material, you need to make sure that you have all of your notes, old exams, and other important resources organized neatly by subject. This makes it much easier to begin studying. When studying, be sure to pay attention to the large concepts and big ideas
  2. Make a study schedule: Studying for multiple exams can be overwhelming and stressful. One of the best ways to get prepared and stay on top of your work is to make a study schedule. By doing this, you can plan out each day and make sure that you spend enough time on each subject. It is always good to break up work into sections and do a little bit of studying each day. This can be easily done by following a schedule.
  3. Use colors: One thing I always do when making study guides or reading through my notes is to use highlighters and colored pens. By doing this small, seemingly insignificant thing makes a big difference, as it makes it more fun for me to study. It is much nicer to look at a piece of paper that is brightly colored than one that is just in plain black text.
  4. Find the right space: Finding the right space to study is one of the most important things to do when studying. It is critical that each person knows when and where they study best. Whether it is in a private cubicle or a large study room, finding the place where you study best is essential.
  5. Take breaks: To ensure that you protect your sanity and remain composed throughout the week, it is important to take breaks. Bringing headphones with you to your studying can be a good idea so that you can watch a quick TV episode or just listen to some calming music.
  6. Sleep: It is estimated that college students need at least 8 hours of sleep each night. While this may be hard to do every single night, it is important to make an effort to get to bed at a decent hour during finals and avoid pulling any “all-nighters”.
  7. Participate in the Test Taking/Final Prep workshop: Both workshops will take place inside our office, Student Life & Leadership, room 210 in the Aztec Student Union.
  • 4/17, 2pm, Center for Leadership & Community Service
  • 4/30, 10am, Commuter Resource Center

Blog written by Anthony Meadows, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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