SDSU Student Organization End of Year Survey


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Dear Student Organization President,

We want to thank you for a wonderful year full of student organization activities and events! As part of our continued efforts to provide quality services toward your student involvement we are conducting a Student Organization Survey, for 2013-2014. The survey helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of our services and to improve the quality of services delivered to students and organizations.

This is your opportunity to voice your opinion on student organizations, advisement, development, policies and procedures. The survey will also evaluate areas such as Student Life & Leadership, ASUB, A.S. Banking, Union Programs and Services, SDSU Catering and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Your feedback is important to us because it offers vital information about services provided to you and your organization.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. We encourage you to participate in completing the survey, no later than Friday, May 9, 2014.

If you complete this survey your entry will be submitted into a random drawing to win a $50 Gift Card at the SDSU Bookstore!

To access the survey please click the link below:

Thank you in advance for your time – we value your time and opinion in completing this Student Organization Survey.


Blog written by Patsy Armstrong, Student Life & Leadership – Student Life Advisor


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