Student Positions Available @ The Pride Center!


Dear SDSU Community Member,

The Pride Center is now accepting applications for Pride Center Assistant positions (undergraduate students only) for the Fall 2014 semester. Applications are due by April 28 at 9:00AM. Please click here for more information regarding the job descriptions for the Pride Center Assistant positions.

Those interested can follow this link to submit their application and send their resume to upon completion of their application (this is required for an application to be considered complete).

The Pride Center is a brand new space at SDSU for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, ally and many other communities at SDSU. Not only does the Pride Center offer its own programming and services, but also acts as a hub for the vibrant resources of the SDSU campus. For any questions regarding the programs or services at The Pride Center, please visit us online at, in person at 5141 Lindo Paseo Drive, or call at 619-594-3520.

Blog written by Anthony Keen – Coordinator of the Pride Center

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