Apply for the Rising Star Scholarship! Open until May 2



Are you a rising star in need of money for school? Looking for a great scholarship that also gets you involved on campus? Enjoy public speaking? Well then you need to apply for the $1,000 Rising Star Scholarship! You must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. SDSU undergraduate students with full time enrollment can apply, first time freshmen are not eligible. The recipients will be trained to give workshops to student organizations/groups on campus. You must attend workshop training in order to serve as a Peer Leadership Consultant. This is a great way to get involved! A minimum of 40 hours of service and workshops is required during the school year. Apply now!

Applications open until May 2, 2014 at

Learn about other scholarship opportunities at

Blog written by Janera Montano, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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