A Time to Consider SDSU’s Future

SDSU President

San Diego State University is currently in the process of reaffirming our accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  This intensive process, which we last underwent in 2005-06, has multiple components.  To date, we have created an institutional report, undergone an off-site review, and received an off-site review report (all available at wasc.sdsu.edu).  The off-site review report presents 12 commendations and four major lines of inquiry that set the stage for the March 22-24 accreditation visit by a distinguished review team.  This team will provide important guidance and counsel regarding SDSU’s future.

While one of the central goals of this process is to reaffirm our accreditation, the process also provides us with opportunities to reflect on our educational mission and the state of our university.  For me, it is an opportunityDome of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union at San Diego State University. Photo by Paul Lang to think about the broad outlines of our university’s future and how we will create…

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